Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Make a list

I like to make lists.

I keep a list of projects I need to complete at work, and another of things that need finished at home. Also, I often start out my Saturday with a list of errands that needs to get done.

Clean Mama

I do it because with work and family, I often have many things to keep track of. It helps me remember things. It is a bit like writing out a plan, and noting the steps to complete it. That way I am sure that everything that needs to be done is accomplished.

But the real reason I think I make lists...

I like the satisfaction of crossing things off the list. I am guilty of writing things down on my list even though it will be finished in a short time anyway. It just feels good to finish a task...and draw a line through it.

Mamma Gab

Now since I often have many lists going on at once, I have tried electronic versions, but it never seems to be convenient for me. I should probably improve my lists by writing them on pretty stationary.

Kate Spade

But normally, I go back to my old stand-by..

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