Sunday, April 10, 2016

Make Room For What You Love - Second Week Challenge

It is time once again to share this week's challenge. I was selected by Melissa of the blog The Inspired Room to be part of a group to help promote her new book Make Room for What You Love. Be sure to check out what task I completed last week. And if you want, you can join in here.

Here is what Melissa challenged us to accomplish for week two....
This week, we’re going to focus on organizing your accessories station! This might be in your master bathroom, but the location doesn't matter as long as it is easily accessible as you are getting ready for the day.
3 Steps to Organize Your Accessories Station:
1. Find all of your scarves, jewelry, and accessories and bring them into one location near your clothing. Start with the scarves, and pick out any you like to wear regularly. Do you have hooks, a scarf hanger, basket, or a shelf for scarves? Hang hooks or set up a basket to organize the scarves you want to be able to wear.
2. Group jewelry by what you want to wear and really like. Then divide the items you use into groups of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
3. Set up a simple system and a home for each. The important thing is to have jewelry accessible and ready to use right away. To simplify for now so you can move forward, necklaces can be hung on the wall or on a bulletin board with pushpins or hooks. Hang earrings from a ribbon on a wall or on a corkboard. Bracelets can go on hooks, on a plate, on a tray, or in a basket.
Get Organized Tip: Do you have hooks on the back of your doors and on the wall? If not, make a note to add them so you can easily hang a towel, robe, purse, or even your outfit for the day to keep everything off the floor.

I don't wear a large amount of jewelry, but for some reason I apparently have alot of it. Something I didn't fully appreciate until I emptied out my jewelry box and got to work sorting. Once I was done, it was amazing to me how much I removed! I was left with just the pieces I truly loved...and I could actually see them easily now. This will make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. 

One side I grouped my statement necklaces and what my grandmother would call costume jewelry, On the other side I have my more delicate chain necklaces and of course a few pearl necklaces...I am a southern girl at heart. In the drawers are my earrings, that are now all paired together, and bracelets. On the top of the box, you can see the bag I use to store my accessories when I am traveling. Placing them in a pretty bag helps keep things from getting tangled or from getting lost.
I honestly do not  love the wood on this jewelry box, but I resisted the urge to spend hours picking out just the right color and then painting it, adding pretty paper to the back, etc. That will be for another day. For now, I am glad I didn't get side tracked, and now have my accessories organized. It was definitely a success. I can now check this challenge off the list.

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