Monday, May 5, 2014

Blue and White Stripes

Stripes are very in right now. I see them everywhere. Such a classic yet chic pattern. Normally you will find them in Black and White, but since blue is my favorite color, I am often drawn to Blue and White as the main parts of the stripes. 

I put together a few eye candy pictures using the Blue and White stripes in a table cloth. A great, and a little unique way, to use the pattern. That color combination looks so light, calm,  and a little nautical to me. Great for decorating your Spring table for both inside and outside dining.

A navy blue and white striped table is set with a matching table number, menus and monogrammed napkins. See more #wedding decor inspiration:
The head table featured navy blue and white striped linens and an antique mirrored top.
Navy Blue and white stripe nautical table runners :  wedding nautical navy table runners reception A 0395
love the blue and white striped rag rug used as a table runner
And for more Blue and White goodness. Check out the Pink Pagoda. Today is the Blue and White Bash.


  1. LOVE blue and white stripes! I plan on using them on our blue and white patio, which is on my never ending list of projects!!

    The Glam Pad

  2. This is one of my favorites, too! In fact, I am using blue & white stripes for the tables at my wedding similar to the Verandah picture above. :)

  3. I never decorate a room without a stripe of some kind. my fave!! Great post!

  4. these are really stunning. i can't say i've ever thought of using blue & white stripes in a tablescape...and now i need an excuse to do so! :)