Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Room Challenge: Spring 2015 ~ Week 4

And the One Room Challenge continues....

The entryway and powder room in my house are coming right along. If you would like to see the progress so far feel free to check out my past weeks here.

There have been some set backs.

The mirror I ordered is heavy, and it looks like it needs to go into a stud or risk it falling off the wall and me getting seven years bad luck. Of course there doesn't seem to be a stud anywhere near where the mirror needs to go. Because that is just my current luck! I am sure we will figure something out...

Also, the rug I wanted for my stairs is sold out at the nearby store, and I haven't had time to drive around and find it elsewhere. The thing is I am almost taking it as a sign that maybe I need to rethink this rug since I was facing a dilemma with picking it anyway. Have to make a decision soon...

My camera is acting up, so I can't take any "pinworthy" pictures of me pulling up the old rug on the stairs, and putting up the wall covering in the powder room. I should have it all fixed soon, so do not worry. Anyway, I have to save something for the reveal, right? If you would like to see some great eye candy of beautifully styled entryways while you are waiting out my malfunctions, check out the pinterest board I put together. And feel free to follow all my boards if you like...I love to follow back and discover what others are pinning that way!

In the meantime, I did take a quick picture with my phone of the lamp that will go on the entryway table. I bought this at a Pottery Barn outlet almost fifteen years ago. It was one of those times where I walked away from it since I didn't really need it, then once I got home had second thoughts since I really wanted it! I had a sleepless night where I tossed and turn and finally woke up in a cold sweat panicked that someone else would get it. Quickly, went to the store the next day, and it was still there. So happy! It has now been on many tables in a few houses now, but it always seems to look right at home.

I purposely picked a small shade for the lamp this time since the maps I framed will go on the limited wall space behind it, and I didn't want a large lampshade to cover them up.

I also am playing around with how to style the console table. I am sure it will change several times in the next week, but will definitely have my must haves for styling an entryway.

-A lamp for task lighting. This is where I check my mail, and since the entryway doesn't have natural light, I need a something to brighten the space.

-Console table with drawers. I keep things I have to get quickly when I am dashing out the door, like my family's membership cards to the pool and the dog's leash.

-A tray. This is essential. Once I started making myself always put my keys in the tray, I suddenly never lost them. Amazing!

-A candle. I always like to add something nice smelling to the entryway. Love being greeted by it when I walk in the door.

-A plant. Once again it has to be a something that is ok with low light, and I am struggling right now to find something that meets that requirement and that I like. Now that the flowers are finally blooming, and it feels more like spring, I will most likely do a few clippings from my yard and put them in a small vase. Love the pop of color that flowers can add to the space.

What is your must have for an entryway?

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  1. Those are great must-haves for the entry! I am excited to see your solution for the stairs. Something good will reveal itself to you, I am sure! Have a great week, Frances! :)

  2. Great ideas for the entry! Maybe I need to rethink mine! Good luck this week... Hope the camera starts behaving.