Sunday, November 1, 2015

One Room Challenge: Fall 2015 ~ Week 4

Week Four is here! I really feel like I need to put a Under Construction sign on my bedroom door. I am gotten bits and pieces done this week in the bedroom, but things are definitely a long way from being complete.

I put ribbon trim on my roman shades. I didn't want to take the shades down off the windows, (because...well...I am lazy) and the glue I tried to use would not hold long enough to adhere in the vertical position. So I did what any child of the 80's would do, especially one who has long time experience adhering ribbon to DIY decorated sweatshirts along with adding some designs drawn with puffy paint and a little blink with the bedazzler. I broke out the glue gun, and it worked like a charm.

I am still trying to decide how I want to put up the botanical pictures I bought.

Should I go the traditional grid pattern ...

My Most Asked-About Accessories: gallery wall grid of botanical prints, inexpensive frames with gold spray paint, custom mats, piano, blue and white lamps, entryway, foyer, stripes:

Maybe hang from a picture rail...

You will love these easy and fun picture hanging tricks from our resident weekend decorator!!:

Or do something different. Now I am liking this idea also...

 photo IMG_0621.jpg

Decisions Decision...Any opinions out there?

There is still some pillows to make and a few extra accessories to add in. I have been lusting after a pillow like this on my bed for years, and I am finally going to make one.

Also, I did decide to get the cover for my window seat made by a professional. Time was the big deciding factor. Can't wait for it to arrive next week!

Good thing I still have two more weeks because there is lots to do...

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  1. Love those prints! My vote is for a grid pattern :)

    cristin // simplified bee