Monday, April 7, 2014

Make Pink Hydrangeas Blue But Not White

We just got back from a wonderful Spring Break Trip. More on that later this week. We are still a little discombobulated around here, but I wanted to take a quick moment to join the Pink Pagoda for the Blue and White Bash.

It is finally starting to look like Spring around here, so my first thought when deciding what to talk about this month was that I knew it had to involve flowers since, well, I haven't seen any growing from the ground in several months. Then, I thought about one of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas, which can be both blue and white. Perfect!

I had heard that you could change the color of this flower by somehow treating the soil. I wasn't sure if that was just an old wives' tale, so I did a little research. Apparently, if you make the soil acidic you can change the hydrangea's petals from pink to blue.(This website has the recipe if you ever want to try it out in your garden.) But the white hydrangea remains that color no matter what.

Before we left on our trip. I made a quick stop at my favorite place to place to purchase flowers...our local grocery store. Four dollars later, I had these white hydrangeas blooms to put in a blue planter in our living room. Since this is actually made for potted plants, and there is a hole in the bottom of this container, I added a smaller, clear vase to tuck inside and hold the water for the flowers.

It was a great improvement to the d├ęcor of the room. The perfect blue and white to welcome spring into my home.

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  1. I love hydrangeas, too. We have several blue bushes - and they turn from blue to pink as the summer progresses. I wonder if the soil changes through the season?!
    The white ones you picked up are beautiful!

  2. Oh, I love hydrangeas! We had huge bushes in our front yard in Dallas, but they are very tricky to grow here in South Florida. I am bound and determined to make them work, and am currently experimenting with one variety that just might do the trick!

    The Glam Pad