Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Fit and Healthy with Tips from Tipsaholic

So it is almost the end of January. This is about the time I start reassessing if I will really be able to meet my new year's resolutions. On New Year's day I feel so ready to tackle any problem I have, but as the days and weeks progress, life starts happening and it gets harder and harder. I often need a little boost about this time to get me excited about what I want to accomplish. Do you ever feel like this?
Getting healthy and losing weight is a common New Year's resolution. One that is often easier to say than to do. Luckily, Tipsaholic (a blog I write for) just finished their Health and Weight Loss Goals Week. Everyday, contributors shared ways to eat better and get out there and exercise. There were great tips and ideas to get you motivated.
I wrote about ways to do fitness as a family. Check out the post here.

And for more ideas head on over to Tipsaholic to check out the posts from that week.

What was your resolution? How are you meeting your goals?

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