Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Put Away the Christmas Decorations


I spent almost the whole weekend organizing the house since it was in a pretty sorry state after the holidays…so easy to let everything go when you are enjoying time with family. I even managed to put away the Christmas decorations. It always leaves me a little sad once everything is taken down, though.  Gone are the colorful lights and festive decorations. Where was once a lively Christmas tree in our family room…now there is just an empty corner.  Does anyone else feel this way? Gosh I sound depressing!

Luckily, I started following Apartment Therapy's January Cure. (And my goal is to actually do all the tasks this year, instead of puttering out halfway through.) First up was cleaning all the floors in the house. So I did it, and the house suddenly felt much more tidy and calm. Sure it was great that all the pine needles were gone, but it also felt like I now had a blank space, or starting point, to really get my house, and probably even my life, in order. I guess this is what it means to literally wipe the slate clean for a brand new year. Who knew clean floors could do all that?!

I also, as instructed, fit into the weekend a quick trip to the grocery store for flowers. (You all know grocery store flowers are my favorite.) I have a creative way to display them, and will share it once I get it put together.

So, I feel like I am off to a good start now with 2015. What are you doing to get ready?


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