Friday, October 2, 2015

Clear Out the Closet


So with most of my new projects, I begin with first getting rid of the old. If I was going to edit my clothes down to those that are truly my style, I needed to make room for them in my closet.

And so began the long process of eliminating things. (Yes, I read that book.)

The goal here at the beginning was just to get rid of the clothes that I knew for a fact I was never going to wear or no longer fit. I had to admit I was pretty ruthless. I felt like I had these ladies in the room helping me decide what to keep, and what to throw away.


If I waffled on if I should keep an item, I admit I sided towards putting it back on the rack. This will be an evolving process, and I am seeing another closet tidying will probably be necessary once I further define my style. This is only day 2, and we have a ways to go.
At the end of this closet clean out, there is a pile of clothes on the floor ready to donate, and space in the closet, so I am going to consider this day a success!

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1 comment:

  1. Love this idea and it is one I should also do.
    It would be awesome to find my style and clothes that made me feel marvelous!
    Good luck with your project. I am here via #write31days.