Sunday, October 4, 2015

Keep a Few Things


Yesterday I talked about how I cleaned out my closet. The big thing I couldn't part with were my prom dresses. Are they in style?...probably not. Will I have a time to wear them again?...most likely not. Do I even fit in them?...definitely not. But I just couldn't let them go.

When I look at my dresses I wore all those years ago, so many memories come up. My mother and I would take a whole day going to the fancy dress stores in town. We would both have to agree on a dress...because for me, I would be wearing it, and for her, she was paying for it. After many false starts and a few disagreements, the perfect dress would be found. Of course, then the anticipation of the big day would begin, and the planning among my friends would start. There would be so much talk and fun between me and my friends as we got ready for the big day. Eventually, the night of prom would arrive and each event would be filled with the highs and lows and dramas that only can occur in high school.

It is funny how a little bit of fabric can have so much memories woven into it's seams.

They are only taking up four and three-quarters inches of space (yes I measured). In my head, I know I should let them go, or take a pictures, or donate them to a good cause, or one of the other many things that professional organizers tell you to do. But for now, even though I no longer wear my prom dresses, they will stay in my closet.

Do you have a piece of clothing you just can not ever see yourself getting rid of?

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