Thursday, October 8, 2015

One Room Challenge: Fall 2015 ~ Week 1

One Room Challenge Guest Participants, Fall 2015, Week 1
It's that time again when many of us in blog-land join in with Linda of Calling It Home to take on the challenge of redoing one room in six weeks. I will be popping back in each Thursday with my progress. This is not my first trip to this rodeo (you can see my past ORC rooms by clicking here), but I only decided about 5 minutes ago to throw my hat in the ring again. Our master bedroom needs to get put together, and I know the only way I will stop waffling on what to do and make some decisions is if I have a deadline. The One Room Challenge will definitely give me that.
I am thinking of keeping the room mostly navy with a touch of green. I was really inspired by this room designed by Lauren Liess.
Mistake: The Bowling Alley Effect Long, narrow rooms are the bane of furniture arranging. But there is a way to play up this awkward space to your advantage: divide the room into zones. Arrange the conversation area in one zone and place a desk along the back of the sofa to create a work zone, or place a small table and chairs in the area behind the sofa for homework or playing games.: 
Achieve fresh style on a budget with these use-anywhere design ideas that are versatile and easy to do.:
I loved the different color combinations, textures and uses of nature inspired fabrics. The room has the same kind of feel I hope to replicate in my bedroom.
I will be back next week with my plans for the room...

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  1. Nave and green is such a great colour combo. One of my favourite. Can't wait to see your plans. Love your inspiration. Karolina xx