Friday, November 1, 2013

One Last List of Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloween
I hope everyone had a fun time yesterday!
My family has always been big fans of Halloween. We start planning our costumes month in advance, and often spend the weekends leading up to the big day doing several Halloween related events.  So even though it was raining cats and dogs when the trick or treat was scheduled to begin in our neighborhood, the kids still ventured out with umbrellas in one hand and soggy treat bags in the other.
Here are a few pictures of our costumes...
My oldest son went as a baseball card. He wore last year's little league uniform since he was the picture of the baseball player. We then strapped a poster board on his back and filled it with stats of his baseball playing feats. Apparently, he will be a World Series winning pitchers for the Tigers.

My youngest wanted to be the mythological monster Medusa. I cut out a pair of wings. After a few plastic snakes were hot glued to a foam visor the costume was done.

My husband's costume evolved. At first he was going to be the Karate Kid (80's movie version)...then he was going to be the Shower that Daniel dressed as in the Halloween party scene of the movie...then he was just a Shower. We attended a couples costume party last week and he won! It made him so happy.
I went off his idea and dressed as a bubble bath. I safety pinned balloons to a white shirt. After rummaging in the kids toy bin, I found a rubber duck that I hot glued to a head band. I used a bath pouf as a corsage to complete the outfit. A simple, easy costume.
And to finish off my last Halloween post of the year, here is a list of spooky links from around the web...


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