Monday, March 3, 2014

Paint a Porch Ceiling Blue

Many years ago my husband and I spent a vacation in the Florida Keys.  While walking around the town of Key West, I was enamored with the white front porches with ceilings painted pale blue.

We asked one of the locals about the  trend, and were told it was to keep away haints (another term for restless ghosts.) Apparently, this color was suppose to protect the occupants of the house from evil sprits entering the home. We laughed thinking that this was a story made up to scare tourist. Later, we found out that this was a tradition through other parts of the south, and people even refer to this soft  blue green shade as Haint Blue.

I did a little research  and discovered that there was also a practical side to this blue. Apparently, since it is almost the same shade as the sky, insects and spiders are fooled by it and do not build their nest or webs in the top of the porch. That would be one way to repel the bugs while sitting on the porch swing sipping your sweet tea on a hot summer day.

Would you like to paint your porch ceiling blue?

blue porch ceiling

Today I am participating in the Blue and White Bash hosted by The Pink Pagoda. Be sure to head on over there to see more color inspiration.


  1. I had no idea about the ceiling being the same as the sky to fool bugs. This is so interesting and yes, practical. I love this.

  2. I am adore haint blue ceilings... we tried to paint our porch haint blue, but due to our city paint restrictions (there is a website that strictly outlines the only exterior paints allowed) our version of a "haint blue" ceiling pretty much looks white. :( Maybe I'll get up there in the middle of the night and repaint! ;)

    The Glam Pad

  3. I love blue porch ceilings and really would not consider a different color.

  4. The house beautiful ceiling made me drool! I love love love that blue-and-white combination! So clever to have the ceiling blue - my favorite happy color:)

  5. I've been begging my husband to paint our porch ceiling for a few years now! I'll have to show him this and get him inspired!

  6. Haven t seen blue painted porch ceilings till now, but I love them!!

  7. I've lived in the south for most of my life and have never heard of haint blue or even a haint! So interesting! I do love pale blue porch ceilings, though. They always look so refreshing! Thank you for linking up!