Saturday, May 9, 2015

One Room Challenge: Spring 2015 ~ Week Six

It's Reveal Day!!!!
It is week six of the One Room Challenge Linking Event hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. This time I was a little late getting the room done (so it is technically week six and a half), but good things come to those who wait....
My entry way is finished, but it was definitely a journey getting to this point. The before pictures I showed in week one are now just a distant memory . I showed my plan for how I would style the space in week two, and asked for help solving my dilemma. In week three, I showed the items that would go into the powder room that is right off the entry way. I also talked about the rug I had picked to use as a runner on the stairs...and then changed  my mind in  week four.  Even though I didn't have a lot of pictures to share that week, I did list the things that I thought every entryway should have. Week five, I showed the progress I had made, so far. Which brings us to week six and what the entry way looks like now...
I am so happy to see this room now every time I open my front door.
The stairs are such an improvement to the space. And I am so glad I picked this rug runner. It has great texture and the right amount of pattern to satisfy my design style, but is still neutral enough to not overpower the room.
I added accessories to the table that was already in the room, including a lamp I had for years. I just put on it a new lamp shade, to update it's look. Two X-benches tuck under the table, but can easily be pulled out and used when putting on shoes. I also included a fern to fill in the space between the table and the stairs.
My favorite thing in the room is the art I added to the wall above the table. I love decorating with maps, and luckily found a great website that had beautiful vintage maps ready to be printed. I selected states that had places that meant something to us as a family. Plus, I added a little heart to each state, because I am corny like that.
The powder room is actually not completely finished. I didn't order enough of the fabric to cover the walls, so there are a few spots that are still bare awaiting the shipment to arrive sometime next week. Putting the fabric on the walls is going well so far.  I do love the bold pattern, something I feel you can get away with in a powder room.
The mirror looks great (although it did take some work getting it on the wall since the studs were not lining up with where I wanted to place the mirror. Actually, my husband figured out how to make it work, because he is smart like that.)
I added some brass accessories that I think ties everything together. The powder room now has the same great style of my inspiration picture.
So that is my entry way and powder room. Having this room put together is such an improvement to my home. I loved participating in the One Room Challenge for the fourth time. The tight deadline and motivation from the other participants helped me get another room in my house finished and looking great. (If you would like to see my other ORC rooms, here are the links to my laundry roommud room, and library/living room.) 
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  1. I love your fabric wall and the stairs. How many runners did it require to cover up all those steps, may I ask?

  2. Wow...It looks amazing!! Very elegant...well done!!

  3. I really like how you made your entry special by using maps that had meaning to your family. I also really love the fabric pattern you chose for your powder room! Can't wait to see more of that space!

  4. What an amazing transformation! A true job well done. I adore the color palette you selected. It feels fresh and fun. The six weeks went by so fast. I completed our entry, living and dining areas in a new to us 30 year old house. So, cheers to us! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Love that fabric on the walls, and the mirror is just perfect for the space. Great job!!!

  6. I love the runner and meaningful map art! It must be fun coming home to such a pretty space. Great job!

  7. I love the runner. You did a great job with both spaces. Really impressive, btw. I can't believe thats fabric. It looks exactly like wallpaper. I love how much you thought about the details. Fantastic.

  8. I love the art and the runner you chose for this entryway and that Powder room peek is very interesting already!!!! Wonderful job !

  9. I checked out the before and I can hardly recognize the place! It looks so much better! Great job!