Monday, October 28, 2013

Figure Out My Personality

I recently attended a training event where one of the speakers had all the participants take a personality test. (FYI - It was the True Colors program.)

I was a gold

 with my second color being a green.

I think it was so spot on. The speaker went on to talk about how understanding your own personality can be very beneficial. Also learning what  the color is of those you work with or interact with can help you understand why people respond in certain ways.

I thought it was a very interesting talk. 

Have you every taken a personality test? What did you think?

And here are a few personality tests that are just for fun...

Which state are you? According to this my southern born boys were both New England states...something which I find hilarious!

This one claims to be like the Myers-Briggs test...even if it is not exactly the same, it is free.

And this test is for the dogs.


  1. I just took the state test, and mine came back as Tennessee... very interesting!

    The Glam Pad

    1. That's great! I lived in TN for awhile and still keep in touch with our friends there...they are wonderful people ;)