Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Room Challenge with Calling It Home: Week Two

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It's that time again for a link up with the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda on Calling It Home.

Last week, I talked about my inspiration for the laundry room. Check that out here.

This week, I am starting at the bottom, i.e. the floor.

We had a very bad rain storm this past spring, which lead to a very bad flood, which lead to our whole town being declared a disaster area. We actually faired better than most, since we only got enough water in the basement of our house to ruin the floors. It then dawned on us that our house, which we had recently purchased, somehow had lasted 80 years without a sump pump. So after getting all the carpet replaced, we then had part of the laundry room ripped up to put in the pump. At this point, we were very tired with spending alot of money to essentially put the basement back exactly as it was/should have been.

Enter the laundry room floor redo...

My husband had installed tile several years ago, so he wanted to do it himself. Plus (see expression of frustration above), we wanted to keep this a low item on the budget.

I saw a tile floor at a friend's house that was a larger size tile and a different-from-standard spacing. I wished I had my camera with me then, but here are inspiration pictures of tile that is similar in shape and pattern.



We were finally able to carve out one weekend a couple weeks to do this project. This left me with zero time to run from store to store to find the "perfect" tile. I ended up at Home Depot, because it was closest, and just had to take what they had in stock. I was disappointed that they didn't have the more rectangular shaped tile, but my husband agreed to lay it in the pattern I wanted, so I will call my tile purchase a draw.

The tile laying began...

As the tile dust began to fly, there were a few comments from my husband of, "I am too old for this (insert non-family friendly word here)." But I think he did a great job getting the tile on the floor.

My son joined in when it was time to grout.

After a lot of work, we now have an intact title floor.

Not exactly like the inspiration picture, but it is good enough. It is definitely an improvement to what we lived with all summer!

Be sure to check back next week when I move up to the walls of the laundry room.

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  1. It looks great. Your husband may think he is too old for it, but he know's what he is doing. Hang in there.

  2. It looking great Frances!!!!! I re-did my Laundry room floors recently too and we used vinyl planks that looked like tiles. I think the hard part is over for you, so good luck with the rest!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the flood! But your floors sure do look great! Your sweet hubby did a fantastic job!

    The Glam Pad