Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fill Up the Calender

The lazy days of summer are over.

I am already starting to miss my favorite day on the calendar...


See how it is blissfully empty. Not one thing planned. It was a day for us just to do whatever we wanted.

Now that school has started, this is what a day on the calendar looks like.


The craziness has begun.

For years I used a paper calendar that was small enough to fit in my purse. I still prefer this method. But as the kids got older, and the schedules got more jammed packed, I needed other people (namely my husband and possibly a babysitter) to also have access to the calendar.

So I switch to an online version. Currently, I use the free version of It works very well for me. I can easily add events that repeat on the calendar, and I can color code each person to keep it all organized. I also like that when my husband is making his own plans, he can easily look up the calendar on the website and see if it works into the family schedule. It was a great improvement  in our household to at least attempt to tame some of the craziness.

And confession...I do still print it out on paper monthly and hang it on the refrigerator. Old habits are hard to break.

What form of calendar do you use?

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