Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make Unique Fall Vases

Fall has definitely come to my neck of the woods. Now that the weather is getting chilly, it was time to add a little bit of inspiration from the season to my home. Recently, I highlighted my fall decorating in a post here.

One of my favorite things I made this year was my fall table decoration. It was so easy, yet so unique looking.

First I started with a trip to the grocery store, and purchased the following items.

Then it was over to my favorite place to get affordable flowers, the floral department of the grocery store. (I talked about decorating with grocery store flowers here.) At first, I started to pick out several different combinations of flowers that were being sold in three stem bunches. Then, I saw a "fall floral bouquet" for only $8 dollars. Someone with a little more decorating style than me had already put together complementing flowers, and all I had to do was take apart the bouquet and group them the way I wanted for my project. Score!

I hollowed out the golden acorn squash and the butternut squash pretty easily, but the spaghetti squash was solid inside. It took a fair amount of digging with a spoon to make a hollowed out space.

I put the flower stems, from the grocery store bouquet, into floral water picks, and arranged them as I liked into my fall food vases.

I added a piece of burlap, that I had left over from a Thanksgiving project many years ago, to the table, to ground the arrangement. The golden acorn and spaghetti squash were a little wobbly on the table, so I cut off the bottom of each to make more of a flat surface. I put a small square of plastic wrap over the now exposed insides to try to prevent drying out. 

The acorns I came across while watching my son's soccer game. I placed them in a small bowl I normally use for dipping sauce.

Here are a couple more angles...

I love this floral arrangement and think it is a great improvement to my dining room.

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  1. Love the floral arrangement. Those fall colors are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Coming from Centsational Girl.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)