Thursday, September 5, 2013

Find New Uses for Binder Clips

A friend of mine recently gave me several binder clips as a small gift. I was definitely intrigued when I first saw them. Before I always thought of these as utilitarian things that held stacks of paper together. But these were really pretty! I quickly set to work thinking up all the ways I could use them.

I started using them to hold close opened bags of food.

Then I got the idea to clip them to the sides of the trash can to keep the bag from slipping down whenever I put something inside.

Next up was using them to clip together envelopes that I needed to remember to put in the mail.

The best use was clipping together the various items for my children's binder clip per child. This made it so easy to find the dry change of clothes in my normally chaotic pool bag after a day spent swimming.

It was amazing how a few colorful binder clips made such an improvement.

What are the ways you would you use these clips?

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