Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Improve the House: Boy's Room

I am slowly working on the List I talked about here.

First up was my boy's bedroom. The plan for this room was:

Boy's Room
-Clean up closet
-Tidy desk
-Identify out-grown clothing

I started with talking my boys into putting on the clothes that I had saved from last year, to see if they could still squeeze into them. They responded to this with about as much enthusiasm  as if I declared I was redecorating their room with flower patterned curtains. I tried to tell them that we were having a fashion show, but being boys, this didn't interest them. Finally, I just gave up and bribed them with the chance to watch their favorite movie on DVD if they would give me a half hour of their time to try on clothes. This worked...bad bribing mommy!

Most of the clothes didn't fit them, and I wondered once again why I keep so many each year.

Where I am from we would call these pants High Waters.

I made a pile of clothes that no longer fit. I will donate these to a local store run by a service organization.

The summer clothes that I decided to keep were put in a bin to store in their closet.

I then released the boys from this clothes-trying-on-drudgery,  and they went off to watch their movie. I took advantage of the 92 minutes of quiet, and really set to work on getting their room back in shape.

The only thing that could be described as big in our small 1920's house (great charm, great location!) is my boy's closet. At the moment though, their stuffed animals had apparently exploded inside it.

After a quick tidying up, I could see the floor again.

Oh...such happiness!

I took all the bulky clothes out of their drawers and hung them in the closet.

The drawers were then nicely arranged. I had to take a picture because this is the last time they  will look like this.

Next up was tackling the desk. It quickly went from this....

....to this. My older son now has a place to do his homework.

I can now check the boy's room off the list.

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