Monday, September 9, 2013

Read for Improvement: Part 3

Today I am showcasing the author A.J. Jacobs. He built his career on spending a year or two working on one goal in an effort to better himself. This guy really takes improvement to the extreme.

I have read three of his books now over the years.

The first I happened upon in the bargain bin of a bookstore several years ago. I picked it up as a gift for my husband. He loves to share random trivia...I am sure he would do it at cocktail parties if we went to them. I would love to spend a year reading the encyclopedia (do they still have it in book form?), but doubt I would have the time. Now after reading the book, I have learned all sorts of interesting facts, and it only took me about 2 weeks to get through this book. Score!

I recently picked up two more of this author's books when I heard Jacobs was planning to give a talk at the local college in my town.

This was definitely an interesting book. I learned a lot about religion that I didn't know. Jacobs really dedicated himself to this subject matter by changing the way he dressed and the way he interacted with people. The beard though was definitely all in...all I have to say is his wife must be a very tolerant women.

This is the third book from this author that I read. It was probably my favorite so far. I learned a lot of great tips on ways to keep healthy. But I would like to think I definitely worked my abs with all the laughing I did at the crazy things Jacobs tries in his attempts to get healthy from head to toe and inside and out.

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