Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shake up a Snow Globe


This snow globe has decorated our bookshelf for many Decembers. It is one of my favorite things to display at Christmas time. When we lived in the deep south for several years (and the weather never got below 50) this was the only snow I saw!

There is something about snow globes that attracts people, and not only for Christmas decorations

Pretty Christmas globes.

You'll find them as a give away at sports games with the team logo inside or with a Halloween theme, complete with little black bats floating around. I was once gifted one with my picture in it.

They have been central characters in movies from "Citizen Kane" to the more recent "Coraline".


Fun Fact: Snow Globes were one of the most confiscated item at the O'Hare airport over Thanksgiving weekend. Apparently all of those souvenirs with the Chicago skyline and the dolphins from the Shedd Aquarium were over the liquid limit to take on a plane in a carry on.

No one knows for sure where snow globes originated. The first documented one was shown at the 1889 Paris Exhibition, complete with Eiffel Tower. In Vienna, there is a museum showcasing the work of Edwin Perzy who in 1900 tried to find a way to project light with a globe of water and rice powder. When that didn't work, he instead turned his invention into a business that sold schneekugeln, literally ”snow balls” .

You name it, they will put it in a snow globe for you.
Pastry snow globes.
Teen-weeny snow globes.

Do you have a favorite snow globe?

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