Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Figure Out My Pinterest Personality

While going through my inbox, I came across an email from Pinterest listing the most popular pins from the past year. While the most cute critter picture was nice to look at, I found the boards from other country's the most interesting.

pocket doors


Beautiful living room.


Favorites from Finland

 Abstract geometric poster design


What I found interesting is that each country's board had it's own distinct flavor, style and personality. I bet an anthropologist could derive a great deal of information about the citizens of a country just based on what they like to pin.
It made me think about my own boards and what I decided to include. I love taking personality tests and while there is not a Pinterest Personality Quiz on par with the Myers Briggs yet, I still think you could learn a lot about me by looking at my boards. For example, pretending that I am an impartial observer, when looking at what I pinned I see someone who likes home d├ęcor with splashes of colors but leans towards blue in particular, who loves to look at organized paperwork, and admires other peoples DIYs...then again I might be a little bias. 
Check me out on Pinterest here (or from the link in my sidebar) and let me know what you think. And feel free to leave a link to your Pinterest Page in the comments below. We could learn a lot about each other! 


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