Monday, February 17, 2014

Read a Good Book: February Twitterature

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I have some good books to share today...
The Rosie Project 2
First, thanks to Anne for the recommendation on this one. It was a fun, quirky love store. Makes you feel like there is the right person for everyone.
Seabiscuit: An American Legend (Ballantine Reader's Circle): Hillenbrand, Laura
This one I listened to as an auto book during a long drive. It was actually the perfect format for this story. Listening to the description of the races, instead of just reading them, gave you more of that edge of your seat you were really listening to the announcer at the track. Great and inspiring story.
Also, have to share this. While looking on Pinterest, I recently come across a pin of a bookcase that covered a whole wall. While the picture was nice, it was the comment that really caught my eye. The person had said, "Nice looking bookcase even if books are old fashion."
Am I just old fashion that I still have books all over my house? Honestly, I haven't gone the Kindle/Nook route yet. I do prefer to read an actual book. Then again, I am the person who was still listening to tapes when all my other friends were switching to CDs. Looks like I might be behind again...
If you want to get some more ideas for good books (however you might read them), head over to Modern Mrs. Darcy.

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  1. I have books all over my house, in every room practically. If you love reading, books are like a second skin - you can't imagine a room without them adding color and interest to your surroundings.

    She must be someone young (in their 20'?) who made that comment - more of a computer person.

    It's funny - if i go into a house that DOESN'T have any books or bookcases in it, it never really feels like a home to me.