Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Share My Take Two: Design Post Interiors

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Today I am over at Design Post Interiors. I am so excited Beth asked me to participate in her Take Two Series.

Beth is such a talented designer. I love her style, and I am still swooning over the playroom she recently created for one of her clients.


In the Take Two Series, Beth asks about changes that were recently made in home and life.

It was easy to name my favorite change in my home: my bright green dressers I added to my bedroom. Learn more about that project here. And as a bonus, I talk about here how I organized the drawers with a pop of color and pizzazz.


The best change to my life was my goal to organize my house. I show here how I arranged the space under the sink in the bathroom. It's amazing how a little change can make such an improvement. I am now slowly working on the rest of the house. I know where a lot more things are located now than I did a few months ago, but there is still more to do.

The last question was about how you would spend $5. I loved that question, and it really made me think. It reminded me of a gift exchange I attended back near Christmas, where everyone brought a gift that was under $6. I was amazed at how creative everyone was with this, and pleased with all the great items I took home. Check out more about that here.

Be sure to come back tomorrow when I talk about the new addition to my dining room.

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