Monday, August 26, 2013

Share a Project: Pretty Organized

Today, I am very excited to be a featured reader on the great blog Pretty Organized. Check out it out here.

We recently moved into a new house. It has 1920's charm and a great location, but it is lacking in extra space. To make this house work, I need to keep it organized.

The first project I had to tackle was the storage in our bathroom. In the mad dash to unpack, at first, I just shoved everything that belonged in the bathroom into the cabinet under the sink. As a result, I had to spend time everyday trying to find what I needed. (I tried to take a good before picture, but things kept falling out.)


The first step was going through everything in the cabinet and throwing out what I didn't need. This was not easy for me, but I made myself toss whatever I had not touched in 6 months. It was surprising how much stuff fell into this category.

Then it was time to organize what was left. I decided because I didn't have much width in the cabinet under the sink, I needed to take advantage of the vertical space available. It was off to shop. I looked and looked for shelving that would fit in the space inside the cabinet, but I couldn’t find anything that was just right…I felt a little like Goldilocks. Then, it dawned on me that I could repurpose a shower caddie.

They were just the right size to fit in the cabinet. After purchasing two of them, I put them on either side of the cabinet. I now had a total of 4 shelves to arrange all the bottles and other small items I needed to store in the bathroom…one side for my things and the other for my husband’s items.


I still needed to fit larger items like a hairdryer, but those pesky pipes still posed a problem. I was able to fit a basket in the open space, and fill it with the larger items.


I love how well the project turned out. Now I can easily and quickly find everything I need. It was a great improvement to my bathroom.

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