Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Find Decorating Inspiration for My Boy's Bedroom

When we moved to our new house, my boys begged to share a room. It quickly became a lesson in compromise.
I am not a natural decorator, but I am good at finding inspiration, and then modifying it to my own tastes. After a lot of researching on my part, I found this picture.

I loved the colors in the duvet cover, and quickly started to plan the room with this inspiration in mind. My boys on the other hand had other ideas. They took one look and said, "No." Back to the drawing board for me.
Then I found this picture.
One son's favorite color is yellow and the other's is red. Also, I wanted to use a dresser we already had that had the same wood finish as the furniture here. I liked how those colors looked together in this picture.
This time they took one look and said, "Yes". Score one for me.
I also came across the pictures for this room and fell in love with the brown and white chevron rug. I had to have one for the boy's bedroom.

Now that I had the inspiration I needed, I worked up a plan.
For the paint color on the walls, I went with my favorite yellow. Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne Yellow.
Then I just needed a Brown and White Chevron Rug, bunk beds, and bookshelves.
I'll share the finished room tomorrow....


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